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What is a chocolate fountain?

A chocolate fountain is an innovative product that elegantly enhances any buffet table, wedding reception,
or any special event by offering an exciting dimension for chocolate lovers.

Imagine a fountain, where rich chocolate is melted from below then carried to the top where a flowing curtain
of delicious warm chocolate cascades down the fountain tiers like a chocolate waterfall; presenting guests with
the pleasure of dipping an assortment of delectable treats and with the delight of producing exquisite
chocolate-covered delicacies.

Why would I need a chocolate fountain if I’m already planning to serve dessert(s)?

A chocolate fountain is so unique and versatile that it can easily star as your MAIN dessert attraction or serve as a
spectacular enhancement to your existing assortment of desserts. You can also use it for your cocktail hour to
entertain your guests before the program begins. If your event is being held at a hotel or private venue,
we are happy to work with the Catering Director and/or your Event Coordinator to ensure that the chocolate
fountain and dipping options are presented beautifully. In addition, our professionally attired attendant
we'll provide exemplary service to your guests, making sure to discreetly break-down and clean-up the
fountain without disrupting the flow of your event.

A chocolate fountain sounds great for weddings, but what about other special events?

The fountain brings a touch of elegance and fun to any event and has easily become the ultimate social dessert.
It’s a perfect enhancement to any social event including (but not limited to):

Wedding receptions
Birthday parties
Corporate Events
Project Grad Night
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
1st Birthday / Baptisms
Graduation Parties

Great – I’m sold on the idea! What are my options?

We have packages to accommodate any event. Please call for pricing.

How soon should I reserve?

The word around town is spreading about Aloha Fountains…contact us for availability and book today!

(808) 348-9333

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